CLR and Tarn-X Cleaners

CLR and Tarn-X have been industry leaders in cleaning for nearly 20 years, offering a wide selection of products to meet your cleaning needs. Millions of customers trust the original CLR formula to blast through stubborn calcium, lime, and rust - now you can put the whole family of CLR and Tarn-X products to work in your home, garage, or shop.

  • Patented CLR safely tackles the toughest calcium, lime, rust, and hard water deposits
  • Tarn-X products remove tarnish and restore brilliant shine to silver, gold, copper, and more

You can trust CLR and Tarn-X to handle any cleaning job, from kitchen to bathroom to garage. Use CLR and Tarn-X for superior results every time.

CLR Cleaners Tarn-X Cleaners


For nearly 20 years, millions of happy customers have trusted CLR to tackle their toughest cleaning jobs. is proud to offer the complete line of best-selling CLR and Tarn-X products backed by our fast shipping and excellent customer service. is pleased to provide you with the best products, the best prices, and the best service.

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